My name is Don Presant and I’m an edtech professional passionate about the recognition of learning and achievements through eCredentials and ePortfolios.

This is a professional but personal blog where I explore and connect these ideas with other needs and issues out there.

In a larger context, I’m interested in how to encourage the better use of these technologies (and others) for self-directed lifelong learning and mindful digital identity.

Here are some of my usual public channels, apart from Littoraly:

@donpresant | Slideshare | Professional ePortfolio | Learning Agents website

CanCred logo_RGB_640

CanCred.ca is an Open Badge cloud service hosted in Canada by my company.

Why “Littoraly”?

A littoral zone is the margin between water and land, an area of dynamic change in life and landforms, where the contents of one medium spill over into the other…think tidal zones, lakeshores, riverbanks and estuaries. As somebody who connects knowledge silos, learning communities and skills ecosystems, I like this metaphor. The fact that my home town of Winnipeg is a spring flood zone may also be a factor.

But it also puts me in mind of my daughter, who likes the related term and uses it a bit more loosely: “Literally, Daddy…”



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Don — we met at the Badge Summit in Aurora. I had a badge experience yesterday that I would love to get your perspective on if you have a little time for an offline email chat.
    Great work on taking the soft skills discussion forward — ties in with some badgeable efforts here.
    Bruce (Oregon)


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